TFT's 3 Tips for Competing

TFT's 3 Tips for Competing

It's the season for muscles and bikinis - and we don't just mean for the summer!

This one's for all of our physique (and future hopeful) competitors!

As we find ourselves n the middle of a very impressive competition season, here are three tips and tricks you may not know to help make your show prep as smooth as possible. We got you fam!

TIP #1: Give yourself credit for ALL of your hard work! You are amazing, strong and beautiful!

TIP #2: Health is wealth! Healthy preps not only exist but are the way it should be. Never lose sight on what is important in life. 

TIP #3: Consistency is Key! Nutrition, workouts and posing all need your attention and dedication. The results will speak for themselves!

We Support Your Journey!

To our Fit Traveler Friends with competitions coming up, we want to whole-heartedly wish you a fantastic show! You are going to crush it when you step on stage. And for those of you who would like to compete someday - What are you waiting for? It's time to make the decision and go for it! 

Not sure where to start?

Contact Coach Nikki for more guidance, tips and tricks to make your show prep even smoother! 

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