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The Fit Traveler Logo HorizontalThe Fit Traveler Collection was created by athlete, personal trainer, world traveler and cover model, Nikki Alliegro. Every piece in this collection is built to not only give you a fit that moves with every activity level, but is also designed to give you the confidence to crush your goals!

Each piece was carefully selected and put to the test to ensure anyone wearing The Fit Traveler Collection feels beautiful in and out of the gym. All bottoms are squat approved and all tops promise to give you the support needed during exercises of every intensity.

Aside from our athletic apparel, be sure to take advantage of all fitness essentials offered! Everything included in The Fit Traveler Collection allows you to take your training to the next level whether you are at home, the gym or traveling the world with loved ones!

Thank you for trusting us with all of your fitness travel needs!

Fit for Adventure®️
Built to work as hard as you do.


Meet The Fit Traveler®️ Founder and CEO, coach Nikki Alliegro!


Hello everyone! I'm Nikki; Founder and Owner of The Fit Traveler®️ and The Fit Traveler Collection. I'm a Certified Personal Trainer, Bodybuilding Bikini  Athlete, World Traveler, and Cover Model! I have spent my entire life involved with athletics both in and out of the gym and have always been passionate about helping others reach their best self. 

The day I decided to combine my love and knowledge for fitness along with my passion for travel, I felt that I was truly on the path I needed to be on in my industry. So often we struggle with finding balance in enjoying life with loved ones, experiencing the world around us and staying true to our goals in health and wellness. 

As a coach I have dedicated years of my life to helping others find this balance while still attaining the physique of their dreams; crushing goals along the way! Something that was missing though were all of the essentials I believed important for your every day gym workout, along with your grandest adventures outdoors! The Fit Traveler Collection is designed for all of your needs as you continue your fitness journey; adding a sprinkle of wanderlust to your life. 

Please enjoy everything I'm creating for you! Happy travels and lifting!

-Nikki Alliegro "The Fit Traveler"