BonBini! Welcome to The Fit Traveler Collection® Founder Nikki’s favorite place in the world! Aruba is home base for The Fit Traveler® Retreats! Our October 2022 trip was absolutely amazing, and we hope more of you will be able to join in this coming November 2023! Don’t miss out on this epic fitness adventure and everything Nikki has planned for you on ‘One Happy Island’!

     From working out on beautiful beaches, experiencing local gyms, rope swings on pirate ships, snorkeling coral reefs, exploring Arikok National Park, and hiking up Hooiberg Mountain Trail there will be no lack of activity throughout your week.

     Along with your fun fitness activities you will also join the group in educational workshops designed to help you breakthrough difficult road blocks, find your purpose and reach your full potential!



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The Fit Traveler®, The Fit Traveler®Collection, and The Fit Traveler®Retreats aren’t just a fitness brand, they are a lifestyle! Founder, Athlete, Personal Trainer, and Adventurer Nikki Alliegro invites you to join her to her favorite places in the world for an experience like no other. You’ll experience fitness while utilizing beautiful places around you, make new friends, and learn more about yourself than you ever have before. You’ll discover your true potential through carefully designed fitness activities and workshops built to help you find success. Find your happiest, healthiest self with
The Fit Traveler®Retreats!


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