Are you training for a fitness competition, any other athletic event? TFT has put together a list of 5 Tips to remember when training to help you stay on track and reach your peak physical performance! 
If you are ever feeling frustrated with where you are in training, take a step back and reflect on where you're at and if you're missing any of these 5-Steps. You may discover where you can improve your focus for better results!
Tip #1: Recovery
Recovery is a crucial part of success in any sport as an athlete. If you don't allow your muscles proper recovery you are flirting with injury and not allowing yourself to reach your full potential in performance. Getting enough sleep each night along with other measures such as stretching and bodywork from a licensed professional can make a big difference in performance. 
Tip #2: Have Grit
Grit is having the passion, courage, and perseverance it takes to accomplish your goals. No matter what you are training for you need to have grit to put forth your best efforts for what you are looking to achieve. Grit is what drives us to do the impossible. 
Tip #3: Mindset
'Mind over matter' is what takes an athlete to the top. There are days when you may not feel like training but having a winning mindset will accelerate your athletic performance and help you reach your goals. Whether you're training for a specific athletic event or working on hitting your new personal record, having the right mindset will push you to be your absolute best.
Tip #4:  Follow Your Program
Typically no matter what sport or event you are training for you will have a specific program set into place allowing you to perform to at your absolute best. Whether you're training for a Triathlon, Bodybuilding competition, Football game (the list goes on), your training will be structured to that sport. Someone training for a marathon will have a program structured around endurance while an athlete training for a powerlifting meet will have a bigger focus on strength; both are equally important and should be followed. 
Tip #5:  Nutrition is Always Important
Nutrition plays an important role in everything that we do, especially as an athlete. Your body needs to be properly fueled to perform to the best of its abilities. Eating a well balance, clean, and nutritious diet aids in athletic performance, gut health, cognition, and overall abilities to perform at our best. 
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